Dept. of Computer Science

Courses Survey of the Dept. of Computer Science

The survey for the
current semester
will begin in the next few days

The courses survey (“Vorlesungsumfrage”, VLU) is used for quality assurance of courses offered and as a feedback option for students.

The Computer Science Department and the Student Council ask all students strongly to participate in the survey and answer the following questions carefully.

The survey will take place online and is evaluated anonymously (see also the privacy information).

Publication of the Results

The publication of the results is suspended until further notice due to new data protection requirements of the RPTU. The FSL is working on finding a sensible form of publication within this framework. Until then, we have to refer you to the designated debriefing of the results by the lecturers and tutors at the end of the lecture phase.

Next Survey

The next VLU will start end of may.

Any Questions?

If you have further questions, please contact …

  • The VLU-Team of the Department (
  • Dr. Joachim Thees, SCI (48/220,
  • The SCI (Service-Point 48/223,