Dept. of Computer Science

Courses Survey of the Dept. of Computer Science

The VLU has been launched.
You can register yourself .

The courses survey (“Vorlesungsumfrage”, VLU) is used for quality assurance of courses offered and as a feedback option for students.

The Computer Science Department and the Student Council ask all students strongly to participate in the survey and answer the following questions carefully.

The survey will take place online and is evaluated anonymously (see also the privacy information).

Current Lecture Survey

Dear Students,
dear Lecturers,

the lecture survey for the current semester SS 2023 is open from now.

You can take part in the survey until 2023-07-30.

Participate here

The current provisional results are available as feedback to the lecturers on a daily basis as soon as at least 5 votes have been submitted. As evaluations and comments can be modified as often as required until the final deadline, the survey can be used as a direct feedback channel during the course of the semester.
Furthermore there is a Quick-Comment-Function for very urgent and/or important feedback.

We hope we will receive as many good quality comments as last time.

Best regards

Joachim Thees Sophia Porcher, Anna Klose, Charlotte Sailer
Service-Center Informatik (SCI) VLU-group of the student council

New Features

NEW: The login for VLU participants is carried out via Single-Signon-Server (SSO) of the RPTU.
  • Only a pseudonymised ID (a so called “Pairwise ID”) and your Statusgroup as Student is transmitted by the single sign-on server for identification purposes.
  • Your identity is kept hidden from the VLU system, only the Shibboleth SSO server knows your identity.
  • You can only participate if your account identifies you as a student of the RPTU.

Responsibility and Execution

The committee of experts for studies and teaching (FSL) is responsible for the lecture questionnaire. It is carried out by the SCI and the Fachschaft .

Any Questions?

If you have further questions, please contact …

  • The VLU-Team of the Department (
  • Dr. Joachim Thees, SCI (48/220,
  • The SCI (Service-Point 48/223,