Dept. of Computer Science

Courses Survey of the Dept. of Computer Science


The results of the survey are available now for the FSL and the lecturers.

The courses survey (“Vorlesungsumfrage”, VLU) is used for quality assurance of courses offered and as a feedback option for students.

The Computer Science Department and the Student Council ask all students strongly to participate in the survey and answer the following questions carefully.

The survey will take place online and is evaluated anonymously (see also the privacy information).

Results of the last survey


Dear Students,
dear Lecturers,

the Results of the last VLU are available now for the FSL and the lecturers.

The evaluations are no longer made public by decision of the FSL for data protection reasons.

We would like to thank all participants for their constructive participation and the many comments.
They are very helpful in understanding and solving possible problems.

Best Regards,

Joachim Thees Calvin Birkle, Fabian Christoph, Anna Klose, Charlotte Sailer
Service-Center Informatik (SCI) VLU-group of the student council

Access to analysis and evaluation

The evaluation is no longer public due to data protection regulations.

  • Our lecturers and tutors will receive a personal access link via email to access their evaluations and, if applicable, those of their exercises.
    (As a lecturer, please contact if you have not received the password).
  • Participants in the respective courses are informed about the results via obligatory feedback meetings by the lecturers.
    • Please ask your lecturer if no feedback discussion has taken place in the last two weeks before the end of the lecture.
  • Those organizationally responsible for quality assurance (VLU-Team, FSL, RefQSL) receive special access accounts.
    • To the Login for Staff-Users
    • The FSL will discuss possible quality problems and, if necessary, will ensure that the problems are solved, e.g. by discussing them with the lecturers. Of course, the student FSL representatives are also involved in this process. The FSL informs the student community regularly about the results of the VLU and the quality assurance measures.

Next Survey

The next VLU will start early june.

Any Questions?

If you have further questions, please contact …

  • The VLU-Team of the Department (
  • Dr. Joachim Thees, SCI (48/220,
  • The SCI (Service-Point 48/223,